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We will introduce you to Bulgarian language carefully having into consideration the anxiety of many foreigners towards the difficulties of Slavonic languages. Bulgarian language is the oldest Slavonic language.

Difficulties come mainly in gender of nouns and inflexion of verbs

It is, however, the only Slavonic language which has thrown off the restrictions of grammatical cases. Like English language, it does not tolerate complicated sentence structures.

We will start with the alphabet and next is the reading skill. It will promote you to read Russian texts, as well.

Personal and possessive pronouns are very important and their introduction will allow you to establish your new relationships.

The most frequently used verbal form for communication is Present tense and it will promote you to ask questions with the help of interrogative pronouns. Then past and future tenses follow.

And, of course, the definite articles, which unlike English language, are different for different genders of nouns and are to be placed at the end of the word.

After several days you will be friendly enough with Bulgarian language. Of course, you should be very persistent after taking this first course, as Bulgarian language is a very old language and is supposed to be a very rich and complex language. Therefore you should never stop studying it and you should follow your goal with perseverance and love.

The course may be held on-line in 20 lessons. You will have your learning materials on e-mail and you will have your lessons by Skype or MSN Messenger. It is a very successive form of individual study as you will have a direct contact with your teacher and you will have a lot of time for self-training.

Price for 20 lessons of 35 minutes on Skype is 80 euro
Contacts: Learning materials: by e-mail
Time for teaching: as appointed by the customer and teacher